There's two kinds of people, them goin' somewhere and them goin' nowhere, and that's what's true.* I'm goin' nowhere for the time bein' and I'm takin' pictures along the way. I'll move on soon enough, as I am prone to becomin' melancholy and fallin' down in the muddy street if I over-stay my welcome, and because that wanderin' star has a mighty powerful hold on me. For now I am content stay here and run this enterprise as I see fit. That consists mainly of postin' snapshots for the purposes of my own entertainment. Most of these pictures are crappy. A few are better than that on account of the subject matter they portray, or because of some combination of badly understood variables that lined up just right purely by accident.

    The use of any of these photographs for any commercial purpose whatsoever, such as displaying in an establishment that teaches people how NOT to take photographs, or a traveling sideshow of various and sundry oddities, or any other venture for gain, is expressly prohibited.

    * Ben Rumson, as told to Alan Jay Lerner

    All of this stuff is © 2005-2013 by Ben Rumson, Ex-Citizen of Knowhere Productions, and
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